Here’s What Inner Coach Students, Coaching Clients And Industry Leaders Say About Our Programs

“Patrick's Coaching Resulted In Millions For My Business”

I’ve worked with countless coaches, but my VIP Day with Patrick Dominguez truly stands out. 
He helped me craft every detail of my flagship annual event, which has since drawn thousands of people and generated over $10 million. 
Patrick’s mix of intuitive insight and structured strategy not only revitalized the event but also significantly boosted our sales.

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Patrick, and wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to elevate their business or personal growth.


“Nothing I've Done In My Entire Life Was Able To Get To This!”

I’ve healed blocks I’ve been working on for decades, and nothing else I’ve tried has worked…with Patrick’s healing and coaching work they just melted away.
And at my company’s live events, Patrick would come in and create the same big shifts with the entire room.
He’s been doing this work for quite a while now… and this is the first time that he’s actually teaching the tools that he’s been perfecting over the years.
Bill Baren CO-FOUNDER,

“One Of The Most Profound Forms Of Healing I’ve Experienced!”

I came to Patrick to work on the belief that I have to work harder and produce more in order for people to value me and love me.

This method is so fricking profound. In a very simple, elegant way, it gets to the core of the wound. After a session, it’s like I’m looking at the world through new eyes, like the world’s a safer place. I’m more free to just be myself in the world.
Even if you’ve done a lot of work already, this work really gets to the root cause. I highly encourage you to do it. It’s amazing!

Sage Lavine, CEO,
Women Rocking Business

“$66,000 In New Client Sales!”

I knew I needed to invest in breaking through sales blocks, and unblocking something that was holding me back from scaling my venture. I had already been impressed by Patrick’s masterclasses, particularly the work around core wounds.

During my first session with Patrick, we went deep quickly. I felt vulnerable, open, and transparent, but Patrick made it feel safe. The shift was almost immediate.

Within 48 hours, I closed $66,000 in new client sales! I was blown away.

Patrick’s approach addressed my deep fears of growth, because I had been burned in the past.
Patrick also helped me overcome procrastination in writing my book, getting through those barriers as well.

I highly recommend Patrick. This experience has been truly game-changing for me.


“I Doubled My Rates, Signed 8 Clients... And I Love My Business”

Before working with Patrick, I thought that scaling my business would mean more stress and work. I knew there had to be a way to have more joy, fulfillment — and more free time.

Patrick was so gifted at unpacking all the ancient stories about success buried in my consciousness. One after another, we removed these limiting beliefs that got in the way of me truly enjoying my life.

Then we crafted a radically simplified business vision and roadmap – and for the first time, I had a business that prioritized my lifestyle and happiness. This shift gave me more free time, improved my health, and increased my happiness.

Patrick helped me doubled my rates, and out of my last 10 conversations, 8 clients said yes.

This investment is certainly one of the best I’ve ever made, and I know it will have such incredible ramifications for the rest of my life.


“I Didn't Even Know That Kind Of Transformation Was Possible!”

I brought things to Patrick I’d been working on for years, wondering why it’s still coming up…Patrick worked with me and the transformation that i experienced was really nothing short of incredible.

As he was working with me one of the main thoughts in my mind was…what is he doing and how can I learn that?

When told me that he was going to be creating a school to teach people the kind of work that he does, I was so excited… I can’t wait to get behind the curtain and learn the method to the magic!


“I Had a Huge Breakthrough with Money”

After working with Patrick, I lost 30 pounds, I got in shape, I healed my relationship with my father, and got breakthroughs with my clients….

But I actually came to have a breakthrough with money, and that happened! I’m financially better off than I have been in a decade. I’m feeling more purpose driven, and more in enjoyment of life than in 10 years. It was a fantastic experience, and I can’t recommend it enough.


“I Got My First Client!”

My experience in working with Patrick really has been phenomenal. I found myself able to take action and put myself out there!
I got my very first client and the experience of working with the client was nothing short of amazing. I felt confident and in my skill set, and it felt like this is what i was supposed to be doing.
If you are willing to really go there, the techniques Patrick uses will help you de-energize your blocks — so you can spread your wings and put yourself out there for whatever you desire.
Peggy Lynn

“I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking”

Working with Patrick changed everything for me… within a year I gave my first TEDx talk (with English being my second language)… Then 4 days later, I did a talk in front of 1,000 people that brought me $10,000.
And a couple months later, I delivered my first talk in an international surrogacy conference. All in less than a year. Thank you Patrick!
Simona Spark

“My Best Year Ever In My Business!”

Last year was my business’ best year ever, in terms of the amount that we made.

And within that last year, one of the months was one of the biggest months I’ve ever had as a chiropractor all 17 years.

Patrick’s helped me release fear and get into action. I feel like this is the pivotal time where there’s a shift towards really having the practice of my dreams

Working with Patrick’s awesome, he’s a master coach, and I feel incredibly comfortable and excited to continue to work with him.

Dr. Matt Green

“Healed My Fear of Conflict -- I'm Speaking Up With More Confidence”

I came in because I had a fear of conflict, a had a fear of speaking up. A deep fear that if i spoke up i would get hurt in some way or there’d be repercussions. After one session with Patrick I started seeing tangible results.

I’m able to more now feel connected and confident speaking up and being direct without any anger or emotions around it, just saying it matter-of-factly.

I’d recommend Patrick’s work for anyone considering making a shift in any area of their life–especially if they’ve been holding back or hiding out. So that you can break through and really show up as who you want to be.

Eiji Morishita

“So Grateful - Made More Money In The Last 2 Months Than I Have All Year”

On the business side, I’ve made more money in the last 2 months than I have all year. I’m embracing marketing, and I just held a retreat this Sunday with 14 women. I’m seeing this can be easy without the old patterns running, and my receiving has expanded so much.

I feel incredibly happy in an inside-out kind of way, and I am just beyond words for what you helped me heal. I feel so free of any of my old loops that i would run. Now I experience so much wholeness, love and trust and safety, instead of the fear and resistance.

I feel called to just shine that light from the inside out from a really whole place.

Gabriela Masala

“I Unblocked Deep Money Issues... And Landed Our First $500,000 Client”

After working with Patrick for a few months, I was really able to unblock deep underlying money issues.
When I started working with Patrick our average client was a five thousand dollar client, now we just landed our first $500,000 client three years later.
My business partner and I are now doing work that is deeply meaningful to us, we’re paying ourselves 2 to 3 times more than before, and I’m only working about 15 hours a week.
So i highly recommend working with Patrick around money issues, it’s been so helpful to me in my life and my business.
Damian Sol, Co-Founder,
Two Hats Digital Marketing

“Patrick's Healing Workshop Was Amazing... I Felt A Massive Shift”

Patrick’s healing workshop was one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had here in Mindvalley. Then getting into the Healing Group was just a transformational experience, as I was saying the words out loud, tears were streaming down my face. I never felt so supported in my entire life.
It just felt like a massive shift was taking place. It was just absolutely phenomenal, I am so grateful. Thank you Patrick!

Sorana Pascariu

“Incredible Release Of Physical Pain In My Body”

When my husband and I moved to Miami, I was overwhelmed with stress from the move and my business pivot. This stress manifested as severe physical pain. I struggled to get out of bed, feeling like I had already run a marathon each morning. Desperation led me to Patrick Dominguez’s healing workshop, and I’m so grateful it did.

During the workshop, I felt an incredible release, as if an electric chill moved through my body, and my pain vanished.

So it was a no-brainer to join Patrick’s group coaching community. I’ve learned to confront underlying issues, gain clarity on my vision, and use practical tools to navigate daily challenges.

The supportive community Patrick has built is phenomenal. We cheer each other on, share openly, and use the tools Patrick teaches to overcome obstacles.


“From Unbearable Pain to a Team USA Athlete!”

I’ve been a triathlete since 2003. In 2022, I couldn’t compete at all due to debilitating lower back pain. A casual bike ride with a friend was unbearable. This was deeply upsetting for me.
Attending Patrick’s healing masterclass was a turning point. I was amazed at how much emotion I was unknowingly carrying in my lower back. The experience was transformative—I could stand and move differently immediately afterward.

As days went by, my condition improved remarkably. I was able to finally compete in Texas, qualifying for Team USA in Australia next year.

From barely managing a casual ride to qualifying for an international competition, my journey has been incredible. I am filled with gratitude for this life-changing experience.


“I Feel Confident and Empowered!”

I wanted to work on my confidence – and that’s exactly how I feel right now! 

I feel I really have the tool that I can use in so many areas of my life.

I’m feeling really happy and I cannot wait to keep building this muscle and keep working on it, I feel so empowered.

Elenora (Italy)

“Working With Patrick Is One Of The Best Things I've Done For Myself”

I feel more empowered and more free to take the actions that I want to take, and to be the person in my life that I want to be. 

In the past I’ve been fixated on negative self-talk, and this work has given me a more positive experience of life.

I love working with Patrick, he’s a real master at healing and coaching, it’s made a big difference in my life.

Craig Wallace

“The Number Of Clients In Our Courses Increased Dramatically”

We’ve been working with Patrick for over a year now, and he has made a huge difference in our ability to reach people.

The numbers of people who’ve taken our courses has increased dramatically.

Patrick is creative, experienced, resourceful, has integrity and he’s so fun to work with.

We have so loved working with Patrick, it’s been super fun and super effective.

It’s great to have Patrick in your corner!


”As A Powerful Healer And Coach, I Had Reached A Point Where I Could No Longer Advance Alone”

I needed someone to hold space for me, to facilitate my healing journey and take me to the next level.

I was honestly just mind blown at Patrick skills and the tools that we were using.

I found myself really going so much deeper than with other healers and other therapists.

With Patrick, I found inner peace, and he helped me break through the limitations that felt like an unbreakable glass ceiling — with gentleness, grace, and presence.

Thanks to Patrick, I’ve been able to sign full-paying clients, and feel a renewed sense of confidence and capability.


“I Love How I Feel, I Love The Results”

I came to Patrick to work on my fear of being in the physical world and in my body.

I had a lot of anxiety and I have been dealing with this for about four to five years…I feel free in my body, and relaxed.

It’s incredible. I love how I feel, I love the results.

You definitely should try it, try how it works for you because it’s been amazing for me.


“I'm So Much More Confident - And Signed Up A New Client“

I came to Patrick with confidence issues with being successful in my business. For years, I tried to overcome inner blocks and lifelong patterns of not believing in myself. Sometimes I would make progress, but it would always creep back in.

After working with Patrick, I’m totally more confident that before, and I can connect with people in a whole new way. I was able to get over my hurdles to doing a webinar – and not only did I sign a new client the next day, but I have three more lined up. Thank you, Patrick!

Jennifer Sprague

“I Released Fear of Relationships With People”

We worked on releasing my fear establishing deep connections and relationships with people. The session was so beautiful.

When I came out of the session at the end, I opened my eyes and my first reaction was, “Wow,” I felt so light. It was beautiful and I’d very much recommend working with Patrick.

Lauren (Netherlands)

"I Closed 50% At My Last Event"

At the event, my offer wasn’t different — it was all about my energy being more confident, and I’ll chalk that up to working with Patrick.
What’s affecting you in business is not business strategy, but the way that you’re showing up energetically…

This is a tremendous deep opportunity for you to do core level work, and clear out something very effectively.
Pamela Bruner, Founder,
Make Success Real

“From Feeling Unsafe In The World... To Calm, Grounded and Centered”

My whole life I’d been experiencing a feeling of being unsafe in the world. So it was unbelievable when, in very first session, we just went right there to the earliest memory I had of being born during the civil war in Sri Lanka. That session shifted everything for me.
Today I feel calm and grounded and centered in a way that I really haven’t experienced in a very long time if ever.
I’m so grateful for Patrick and so grateful that we really got to the root of it. I highly recommend him, especially for those things that are so deep.

“Let Go of Fear of Being Visible”

I am so grateful for Patrick. I was having a hard time being on camera or even getting on Zoom. I felt stuck. Uncomfortable with being seen or sharing my opinions.
We did a lot of deep healing work, and there were aspects of myself I was able to regain. Now I’m able to turn on the camera, be on Zoom, be myself.
It’s magical work, and the process was genius. The nuances and small details make such a big difference.
If you’re thinking about working with Patrick, I would highly recommend it. You will not be the same person again.
Savera T

“Patrick Has So Many Tools In His Toolbox... We Got to The Root of my Issues”

I loved working with Patrick and his Inner Freedom Process. One of the things he does beautifully is create a container of safety and support that allowed me to fully open up, be completely honest, and get to the root of my inner issues.

Patrick has so many tools in his toolbox and he’s an expert at using the best one for each situation, he’s very versatile. He is one of the best healers and coaches I have ever worked with, and I could not say enough good things about him!

Lisa Fraley

“Amazed at This Transformation... And The Self-Love I Feel!“

When I began, I lacked self-respect and self-love, but now it has become a natural part of me.

I don’t have to look outside myself… self-love is a fully integrated and natural part of me now.

Some things were so deep that I didn’t even know they existed, but Patrick was able to find them and help me replace them with more positive beliefs aligned with my true goals.

I am amazed by the tremendous shift and transformation that happened during our work together! Patrick is an amazing healer, super professional, super knowledgeable, with many techniques and honestly quite fast.

Anna (Italy)

“Masterfully Navigated Session”

I have so much gratitude for Patrick. I felt very safe and comfortable, even though we were venturing into dark and unclear areas. He asked questions that brought all my senses along – mind, body, and feeling – and there was a lot of somatic experience. The whole process felt very integrated and organic.

The session brought a lot of clarity around a big issue I’ve been carrying around my entire life, and Patrick’s recommendations were spot on. I felt validated. I knew what next steps to take.

The session was masterfully navigated and was very much in flow the entire time. I am so appreciative.

Rob Massoudi

“Reprogrammed My Blocks To Offering My Services As A Healer“

I was able to go deeply into my triggering beliefs and emotional reactions, identify them, and work through reprogramming them.

It was very profound to really excavate and see what was there, and then reprogram those old patterns of belief with his guided process. It just brought the intensity of those blocks down.

I definitely recommend Patrick. He is a fantastic listener and deeply knowledgeable in the field of healing.

Matt Woodhill

“Shifted My Fear of Connecting With People“

I wanted to work on the feeling that I don’t connect with people. So, we did a session going back to the origin of that and yeah, in a very short space of time, it really does create a different connection in you. I feel really calm and peaceful now.

I will take that into my life and change the way I’m functioning now. Thank you very much, it was wonderful!

Anushka (Switzerland)

“Release Anxiety About Relationships... Feeling A Lot Of Freedom”

We did a session to transform a challenge around my relationships. First he tracked down the exact issue I’m facing… then he guided me into this exercise where I revisited my past. He helped me transform those exact emotions which were hampering my relationships today.

I found this technique very, very effective. He made the process easy. By the time he was finished, I had zero anxiety and I felt a lot of freedom. Highly recommended.

Sumedha (India)

“Transformed A Big Belief Blocking Me“

I had this belief that no matter what I did, positive or negative … it didn’t matter, and that was keeping me from doing what I actually want to or anything I wanted to.

I do really feel that this session helped me release that belief. And if you have any sort of big thing that holds you back, a big block, I recommend you do this session with Patrick.


“I Let Go Of So Much Pain -- In Such A Short Time”

In a short time I let go so much of pain that was there, some of which I had no idea was there. I’m feeling relief, calm and peace in myself.

Now I have so much more room in myself for loving and positive feelings.

Vladimir (Croatia)

“Cleared A Challenging Childhood Trauma... It Was A Miracle“

I had this gnawing anxious feeling waking me up every night for years, and now it’s gone. It was a awesome.

It was like a miracle that we can actually tap into and transform anything negative that we have experienced from the past, and return to my authentic self.


“From 'Not Good Enough' To 'Brilliant!'”

I wanted to overcome an issue I’ve been carrying for a long time — feeling not good enough, and not being able to speak up when I want to.

By the end, I felt really great, at peace with myself. I felt the initial problem of me not being enough, just basically not being there anymore. I had a profound change and I felt absolutely brilliant. I’m really, really grateful for Patrick.

Simon (Hungary)

“This Coaching Process Has Truly Changed My Life. It's 21st Century Healing & Coaching In One”

Patrick helped me in 3 areas of my life – relationships, career and finances.

I have read so many books and gone to oh my goodness so many seminars and online classes, and nothing worked. Like you said, you need to bring a laser to find the root cause and address it, in order to have the change you want.

I have learned how to trust and listen to my inner voice, and have become stronger and wiser after doing all of the inner healing work with Patrick.

I believe nothing changes on the outside if the inner issues are not addressed. This was amazing healing, thank you Patrick!

Eva Szyba

“A Major Shift In My Love Relationship”

I was working on my love relationships because I felt powerless and not important.

And in one session, I changed from feeling lonely and powerless… to having a call where I was standing up for myself and I didn’t want to compromise anymore longer.

I’ve had really had powerful results and I can feel power in myself.


“A Powerful Way Of Shifting Old Patterns Holding You Back”

I did a session with Patrick, and it’s just find it to be really powerful to shift old patterns that might be holding you back in your business and getting in your way of really creating what it is that you want your business and in your life.

You know there’s unconscious things that that hold us back –and this is a really powerful way to clear that out and get on the right path to creating what it is that you want.

Thank you so much Patrick!

Madeleine Wyke Silva

“The Inner Freedom Session Was Amazing”

I came with a fear–related to love, relationships and vulnerability–that’s been quite prevalent in my life of late.

After 30 minutes of work, which was very calm, safe, and peaceful… I have a greater sense of inner freedom, a greater sense of love and courage. That was an amazing experience and in such an amazingly short time.

Steve Neale

“I Broke Through A Fear Blocking Me In My Business”

In a session with Patrick, I realized I had a ‘fear of doing things wrong’ that I wasn’t totally cognizant of… and now it’s changed so much! I just love Patrick’s work.

As Patrick says, the sooner you confront the baggage that’s in the way, the soon you’re going to get to the goal!

Check it out, I think you’ll be surprised and pleased with the results.

Lisa Cherney

“Healed My Core Wound of Not Feeling Safe... Now I Feel Confident”

I’ve had a core wound of not feeling safe all of my life. Patrick has done miracles with it!

I now feel safe, confident, and I feel strong to go out there and face the world from this place of inner safety and strength and confidence. Thank you, Patrick!

Brandy Faith Weld

What Our Coaching Certification Graduates Are Saying

“Stop Playing Small and Stop Procrastinating”

It made such a world of difference for me not only professionally – I wanted to be better able to help my clients – but also personally.

It’s allowed me to stop playing small, stop procrastinating and really take multiple areas of my life to the next level

Kayla Van Egdom

“More Confident And Comfortable In The Spotlight!”

I took both Inner Coach Mastery with Patrick, and it was transformational.

The new version of me is much more confident. I’ve gotten comfortable in the spotlight and able to speak my truth more. And I’m able to respond to what’s happening in the outside world with a calm and peace that’s just a part of me now.

Peggy Lynn

“Learn How To Remove Your Own Resistance”

I took Inner Coach and totally recommend it. It was so much fun, Patrick’s such a charismatic instructor.

The best part – as you learn to guide people through removing resistance to having what they want – you learn to do it for yourself!

I’ve gone through other coach trainings and this was next level.

Jenny Sprague

“Bringing So Many Incredible Breakthroughs Into Clients’ Lives”

I have been touched in so many ways, and my private practice is thriving and bringing so many incredible results and breakthroughs into clients’ lives.

It was so supportive and fun in our amazing international community of conscious creators.
Gabriela Masala

“The Skills to Heal Core Wounds Holding Me Back”

The biggest thing I got from Inner Coach was acquiring the skills, competence and confidence to heal

some of the core blocks and wounds holding me back from realizing my next career step and greater fulfillment in relationships.

Patrick’s skills as a master coach and instructor were evident in each of the sessions.
Patrick Kielty

“Cleared My Resistance And I’m On Fire”

I had a session with one of my classmates and my socks were blown off!

It cleared my resistance and since then I’ve just been on fire! I’ve been taking so much action, and the things that have kept me stuck have kind of disappeared.

Two big thumbs up!

Michelle Schubnel

“The Method Is So Simple, It Really Works”

The method is so simple, you can use it anytime. It really works. What I found was I cleared so much in myself around inner child wounding, around this part of me that felt like I didn’t deserve to have needs.

A romantic relationship came out of that, soul-connected beautiful, more aligned than I could have possibly imagined relationship.


“This Program Was Incredible”

Even if you’re new to this modality, it has incredible results.

And there’s so much interaction with fellow classmates, there’s so many opportunities to learn and grow from each other.

There’s a tight-knit community and authenticity that I don’t think I found anywhere else in any of the other places that I’ve studied from.


“Phenomenal Program - Changed Me and My Clients”

If you want to achieve a deeper understanding and sense of healing with your clients – and really feel like you’re ready to go anywhere with them and do whatever is necessary – then I would highly recommend Inner Coach Mastery certification.

It not just enhanced my work with my clients, but personally has given me tools to help myself on a daily basis.


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